52-365:I Love Photography!

“Today is a fantastic day for you, Capricorn. Things are naturally flowing your way. You can accomplish a great deal. There are few hurdles in your way, perhaps none. You’re well disciplined about your time and what’s needed to get the job done and how to meet your goals. Your emotions are especially calm and stable, giving you the opportunity to observe and evaluate them from a neutral viewpoint.”

I didn’t believe my horoscope this morning because I have been having a rough week and feeling pretty discouraged. But turns out today ended up being pretty alright! I got an email from a man at the alibi asking if I wanted to take some photos and almost didn’t believe what I was reading! Also got assigned my new photo project which is “portraits” which I absolutely cannot wait to start! Discovered my new favorite spot to spend every last minute of my spare time and kicking myself wondering why I have never been to this astonishing fine arts library in all the years that I have been attending UNM. Better now then never I guess right? Ended the day with the kick-off of Americas Top Model.

And now, back to the books.