85-365:Good things come in 3s?


Well, apparently I am better at posting on my blog every three days rather than every single day. Oh well, works for me. As long as I get in those posts that I need! Last night was Coincidental Miracles art show and I had a couple photos in it. It was really cool! I am super excited to start getting into the art scene in Albuquerque and hopefully start meeting some awesome peeps =) yes. Peeps. I love my decision to pursue photography! It was the best choice I have ever made. Even though it gets super frustrating and I want to give up from time to time, I love what I’m doing and I am excited to see myself mature and excel in my art. Next step, I NEED to invest in another lens. As amazed and content I was for the longest time with my kit lens, I think  I need to go bigger and better and try something new. Aggghhh!

P.s. dear summer, please hurry up and arrive and stay as long as you desire =)