Have you ever wished you could be brainwashed to forget certain memories? 

Well I can remember several times. Mostly this one though because I feel bad. 

Cute little Gwen…. 

It’s not fair and it doesn’t even make sense. She was a baby. I wasn’t even there a month. Do all things really happen for a reason? I like to believe so, and I always have believed so. But that night I didn’t believe so, even though people were still telling me that stupid little phrase.

Anyways, thinking about  that little bird that was so cute and had such an adorable personality that I was just barely falling in love with; eating her baby food on one of our brand new dinner plates because I had nothing else to feed it to her on, freaking me out by chewing on my hair straightener cord when I wasn’t looking, not being able to sit still on my shoulder but rather being a “rock climber” and exploring my whole entire body while I was trying to make dinner or do homework, and being so cute walking on the alibi while I was trying to read it that night before I left to bowling…

Boo. I miss my bird.