113-365:Really Slacking…

I apologize, and I admit, I have really been slacking in my photography life lately. No motivation? No time? Could be both, but that is no excuse! Don’t worry, I will step my game up asap.

Anyways, here is yet another shot from our stop motion, which should be done by the end of next week!!! I can’t wait to see the final product and show it =)

As of life right now, only 3 more weeks of school! I can’t believe how fast life flies by. This weekend we are celebrating my mom’s 50th bday! Happy birthday mommy!! I can’t begin to say how thankful and lucky I am for my family, it’s just great =) Hopefully I will be adopting a new cockatiel in the very very near future (like next week)!!! I think our apartment would really benefit from a feathered friend as company. As for the summer, here is my list of things I hope to do!!

1. Camping

2. Hiking

3. Vacation with Ange

4. Photograph a wedding in June (!!!!!!!)

5. Have lots and lots of photoshoots with friends

6. Carlsbad (?)

7. Read

8. Swim

9. Work out

10. Parttttayyyyy!

11. Surgery on mouth in July =(

Haha. Ok obviously I need to work a little on my list, but I was just winging it. Have a great Thursday!