184-365:Feel Good Drag

Gosh I love the summer. Old friends, new friends, trying new things, doing the same things over and over…and obviously the best part is going out and taking photos! Lemme just be the first to say…B is for beautiful Becca.

Still going through the Sam and Kiley wedding photos, I am very anxious to start letting you see them! As well as the bride and groom seeing them!

So I was really bummed out because last night was the season premier of Weeds and lucky me I don’t have showtime so I didn’t get to watch it! Wahhh! But then this morning to my amazement…. I found a link to the full episode online! The internet totally rocks and I don’t know how my parents lived without it for so long. Haha…. No really…. Anyways. Watch this goodness…I can barely wait for next week…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDtH_aDqFyk best showwww everrrrrrr!

Oh and shoot, I’m going through a new music phase…my newest pandora channel is Underoath…