FINALLY getting around to going through and editing these photos from a trip to Santa Fe a few weeks back. AGHHHH! I’ve just been so caught up in trying to get school shit organized and trying to keep up with all of the work it’s just way to much to handle. But, I will try my best to stop neglecting my poor 365 blog. I’m actually not that far behind, I just need to post 8 more to be caught up to date! Haha. I know you all probably hate my photo vomit…But I really can’t help it. It just happens. So deal with it!

After this pile of Santa Fe photos are posted, I will then be going through my Jemez cliff jumping photos which are totally amazing and I can’t wait to see what I got that day! So be really stoked to finally be seeing some new work.

My first photo project for school is coming up here soon, and I have the PERFECT idea for it! I am pretty excited. I am loving this photo class way more than the intro class….obviously. It has way more lenience for artistic expression and basically doing whatever we want with very few guidelines, just to push us on our feet. IM SO EXCITED! I am going to need about 5-10 girls to help me out with this….the final product will be 10 photos and I haven’t decided if I want to use 2 photos of each girl or just one…..I guess it will depend on how many girls are willing to model for me =)

Hmm hmm hmm what else what else is newwww…..ahhh. Finally ordered me a new battery for my camera, for this next wedding I’m shooting next weekend at UNM! A little bit nervous, but excited to have another batch of wedding photos to add to my portfolio. Speaking of weddings, I had yet ANOTHER person ask me about shooting their wedding! What is this!? I am no professional whatsoever but I sure am loving all these opportunities to use my skills and passion as a job….it’s pretty awesome.

One more topic that’s been on my mind….I don’t think I am going to major in photography anymore….I know I know, I’ve changed my mind how many times?? Haha. I want to try to get into medical school….I’m taking an abnormal psych class this semester and we’ve already talked so much about the human body and how it works and it’s just making me so jealous that I am not studying medical anymore. I absolutely LOVE everything about science and the human body and I feel like I could go way further pursuing something in the medical field rather than trying to start my own photography business. Don’t get me wrong here, I still am obsessive about my photography, but I think it would be better if I kept it as a hobby, rather….a job on the side. I just don’t know what to do. I’m completely confused about what I want to do with my life. I guess at least I know the two things that I love to do and that I am interested in right? Ugh. I need a getaway.

Alright….too much typing.