Constructed a digital pinhole camera last week and played around with it a little this weekend. Trying to figure out ideas for my next photo project of constuction/collage. I’m totally stumped! I have way to much freedom and leeway that I can’t even focus in on a single idea….gotta get on that shiz asap! But I liked how the pinhole caught the rays in this photo.

Just looking back on my blog today, I’m really glad I did this and (tried to) keep up with it on a daily basis. It’s awesome going back and remember what I have done, through photos! I try to keep a journal but of course I only really write in it probably once ever couple months. I think even when this year is over with I want to keep blogging on a regular basis, because I love sharing my thoughts and photos with everyone and I also love getting feedback on my work!

The art show was amazing! Thank you to everyone who showed up and grabbed a look, it really meant a lot to me and I’m so happy that it was a success! Big thanks to Patrick for inviting me to put my work in the show. I got so many positive remarks it blew my mind. I’m very lucky to have my passion and actually  be good at it too! I’m also very lucky to have very supportive family and friends. Thank you again if you made it out to the show.

Oh…Happy Halloween everyone! Don’t eat too much candy. The dentists will be overwhelmed tomorrow.