276-365: Recap

Oh geez…Please don’t bite my head off for totally blowing off my blog for the past….81 days for the sake of a very overwhelming end of the semester as usual! But I think you all will be very proud to hear that because of my slackage of the blog and such, I managed to put all my efforts into my studies and totally got all A’s and B’s this semester, resulting in a new and improved overall GPA of 3.8! Yep. That’s right. Now, enough of my boring talk, who wants to read when you could be looking at some wonderful photos of whats been happenin in my life the past 2 months!?  So I have a plan to post 10 posts a day…that way I don’t overwhelm anyone, just until I catch up with my 365 because heck, there are only 9 days left in the year!!! So here ya go. 

October Denver trip! Epic…Drove up one day, partied hard in my favorite city, woke up went to a Bronco’s game, drove home.