300-365:New Years Eve Eve!

Causing havoc.

I feel like I should get a prize right now, I just posted my 300th post on my 365! Yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking…I didn’t keep up with it over the year and now I’m screwed and I won’t have it finished by the new year. BUT. Fear not. Because if you look back to my 1-365 it was defenitely NOT posted on January 1st 2011. So I still have a couple days of leeway. Plus I just want to finish it no matter what! I’m totally determined to show you how far I have come since January of 2011 to January of 2012.

I’d have to say it was a pretty good year for me. Of course starting off with my day of my birth, how could any year be a bad one!? Haha. Let’s see, started off in our new apartment (which Sushi and I still happily dwell in), started my 5th year of college on track finallyyyyy, had photos in THREE art shows for the first time ever (one piece sold for $25!), photographed my first THREE weddings successfully and beautifully, saw my favorite band Blink 182 live for the 3rd time, traveled to my favorite city DENVER twice, enjoyed  a couple road trips to Chama, Santa Fe, Jemez, invested in and learned to longboard, got my first tattoo, got PEACHY, attended my first ever NFL game for my favorite team the Denver Broncos, attended my first wine festival, met some great new people including my best friend/boyfriend/beer pong partner for life, Estevan.

You know there is so so SO much more that I am leaving out of this list, but I kind of figured it might be getting boring reading so much, you all just like me for my photos wahhhh. Hahaha. But all in all 2011 was a year indeed. And I wouldn’t take anything back that happened.