340-365:A Free Bird

Ha! Nitro nose shot.

Update on my life, just keeping it real. Haha no really, it was a sad sad day on Saturday March the 17th. My roomate of about a year and a half, Sushi, and I decided to part ways and leave our apartment for the next set of residents. She recently got engaged to her long time boyfriend Paul, so they decided to rent a house together. I on the other hand, quit my job abruptly (which finally 2 months later I realize was not the smartest decision of my life) and am now living back with my parents hoping and praying for a job to fall into place in the near near future. Life has not been the most pleasant at this point in time, but as much as I want to give up hope, I am pushing forward and keeping my head….not up….but definitely not down. As soon as I get the job that I badly need I feel like things will look up for me and hopefully this year will turn into the year that my dad predicted for me, a good one.

Well now that I bore you all with my sob stories, let’s get back to the photographs huh? Just wanted to fill you all in that you won’t be seeing anymore photos in our cute lil abode. New times for me. New times.