Finals Finals Everywhere

Just wanted to take a break from all this work, to show you some of my work!

Here is my lighting class final series. Enjoy!

To Busy with Life to Live

This body of work was created through the blurry vision I have acquired through being overwhelmed with everyday life. I wake up to a full schedule with little time to myself most every day. Working three jobs, being a full time student and keeping family/social obligations in check takes a toll on the mind after so long. This work is a series of self portraits hidden behind simple representations of things that I simply do not have time for at this point in my life. I often find myself yearning to sit down and enjoy certain things just for the mere point of satisfaction and serenity. Through being an introverted and shy person, I created a wall to hide behind in this series using light, shadow and bokeh. This series creates a vision of what I desire but cannot seem to find the time to attain.