Sneak Peak….

Did a  photo shoot with my adorbs niece for her 1st birthday next month! But sshhhh! This is just a preview! 

Love this little girl so much! She’s growing up so fast right before all of our eyes and I love every single moment I get to see her. 


I’m really glad my sister brought up this photo opp, I sadly neglected my camera all summer, until now. The poor thing was bundled up in my closet as if I had forgotten about it for 2 months.  I might have been in a small rut for a couple months, but I am relieved to say that’s over and done with, now time to DO WORK. It’s all I can think about. Everything else is just there to keep me alive and to pay the bills, but when it comes down to the end of each day, my heart is where art is. I’ll never get enough. I’ll never live happy if I’m not creating, networking or viewing. =)