Photo 101: Like a Bau5

You don’t always need a 50mm to get some phenomenal DOF!     Advertisements


Hello world. After quite over three hundred and sixty five days, I have finally completed my 365. I challenge you all to try to do something every single day of the year! I… Continue reading

364-365:Seeing Red

Rocks rock and more rocks…

363-365:The Desert

As much as you all might think this dry, treeless, mountain-full state is beautiful, I disagree. But here is some landscape eye candy. Not as delightful to gaze over as Channing Tatum in… Continue reading

362-365:I’m back again.

Been feeling down again. And lazy. That’s my excuse for neglecting the blog again. Alas, I have new photos to show. And it looks like it is about to rain outside so I… Continue reading

Some days are better then others…

And truthfully, I could do without those “other” days. Once I start to gain back some happiness and light in my life, a day like today rolls along and puts me right back… Continue reading


Yum. Ski-ball.

360-365:Horror Film?

Nope. Just an average trip to Hard Rock… =D


How I spend the majority of my down time.


This week will be… already is long. But just 3 more days and I will be out of site, out of mind! My FINALLY, well deserved weekend off I believe.. Thank the beautiful… Continue reading

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